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By K. M.
September 5, 2020
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The Best Car Seats for Children include a variety of accessories. Without a doubt, they can simplify your life, providing the comfort that only the best companies ensure. Having a chair is a must for the safety of your child.

Today’s families spend considerable periods of time in the car. Whether they go to work or to the market. They can also take their children to sports or cultural activities. Even during the frequent transfers on vacation.

In this review, we are going to present to you the best chairs that are available today on the market: children, convertibles, and others with specific accessories. Among them, you should think about which one will be more convenient for you based on your routine.

Top 3 Best Car Seats For Children


Lettas with Isofix Best Car Seats for Children
Lettas with Isofix CAR SEAT
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Cybex Solution X Fix Best Car Seats for Children
Cybex Solution X CAR SEATFix
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Star Ibay Best Car Seats for Children
Star Ibay CAR SEAT
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1 Lettas with Isofix – Best Car Seats For Children

This softly padded stroller in trendy purple has an extended service life.

It can be used from the moment of birth of the child up to 12 years (groups 0, 1, 2, and 3). It presents with several reclining positions and is reversible, it can face the road or the seat respectively.

It is secured with the Side Safety system in the event of a side impact. Seat belts include 5 attachment points with shoulder pads.

In addition, the headrest is adjustable from 7 heights. It is an ISOFIX chair and includes accessories.

The quality of the chair cushion is very good, it looks robust. My baby sleeps long naps thanks to the fact that he can lie down. Good value for money.”

2 Cybex Solution X Fix – car seat for autistic child

We bring a very modern and ergonomic model from Cybex available in various colors whose main feature may be the possibility of easily adjusting the cushion where the child will rest his head.

It has a useful life from three to 12 years, that is, it includes group 2/3. Also, it can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily.

To ensure maximum comfort, Solution X-Fix has a wide and deep seat and a backrest with 11 adjustable positions both in height and inclination.

This chair is fixed to the car seat with the vehicle’s own seat belt and also, optionally, with the ISOFIX system, for which a set of ISOFIX jaws is also included.

It is easy to mount in the car and since I am forced to remove it and reposition it because I have only one car for the house and work, this is essential for me. It’s comfortable (my daughter at least says it is), but the belt doesn’t fit the lower height of the backrest.

3 Star Ibay – best car seat for special needs child

This elegant chair with a gray and cream-colored upholstery that adapts to the elegance of any car guarantees a useful life from the birth of the child to 12 years of age. It is the first multi-group car seat on the market to include a sun canopy!

As a baby, it protects it through the sides, when it grows thanks to the latest generation adjustable Isofix system, Top Tether, SPS lateral protection system as well as an ultra-comfortable viscoelastic reducer.

Another facility it offers is a 360º rotation thanks to which you will have maximum comfort for you and your baby when getting in and out of the car. You can turn the chair towards the car door.

My girl is very comfortable in the seat. It turns a lot depending on the car model, in the Megane it rubs against the seat when turning it. In other car models that have straighter the backrests this does not happen. It cushions the blows well.

4 PIKU NI20 – car seat for disabled child

We present this PIKU chair with a traditional design that is designed to carry the child in complete safety on your journeys. It adapts to the growth of the little one from three to twelve years of age. Its covers are easy to remove and wash.

It has a device on the back to adjust the headrest that allows you to put the chair at the height of your child as he grows. It also includes a button that allows you to correctly adjust the length of your child’s belt.

Approved according to European regulation R44-04. guarantees total security when traveling. We recommend it because it is an accessible and effective alternative.

A good urban chair is good for taking the little one to the grandparents’ house, to the market, at distances that are not too long or that warrant a nap because in those cases the padding can be a bit uncomfortable.

5 Safety 1st ROAD – car seats for tall toddlers

It is a chair that can be used between 3 and 12 years, it includes groups 2 and 3.

The design is simple, in a gray color that combines with all kinds of fabrics. One of its main characteristics – and to highlight – is that it includes ISOFIX, hailing a correct attachment to the vehicle.

The manufacture was carried out with non-toxic plastic and thanks to the fact that it has washable and removable covers, it can be kept clean without the need to make great sacrifices.

It has been homologated according to the European standard of Compulsory compliance ECE R44 / 04.

Accessible, good price, ergonomic and adjustable. Everything we were looking for in the car seat, well approved. Simple but of good quality.

How to Use a Child Car Seat?

It seems like a simple process. However, installing the chair is the fundamental step to ensure the comfort and safety of your little one. That is why we recommend not only a detailed reading of the instruction manual but also that you find out through video tutorials and experiences of close friends how they installed the equipment.

You must take into account, first of all, the orientation of the chair. it will depend on the group of it. Forward or backward. Also whether or not you have an installation base to secure the system. Finally, if it has been designed with the ISOFIX system, how to install it avoiding carelessness.

  • Read the instruction manual – where are the details
  • Make sure that the car belts are in good condition – because through them you will hold the seat
  • In case it is necessary to install a base – do it first by checking the precision of the joints.
  • In case you fit the seat belts directly to the chair carefully according to the steps in the manual and instructions.
  • Place the cover in case you have purchased one.

Best Brands of Car Seats For Children

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

Cybex- has become not only a leader in child safety but also an innovative fashion and lifestyle brand.
Star Ibaby – Safety, design, and functionality are common characteristics of Star Ibaby Best Car Seats For Children and strollers.
Letters- All Letters Best Car Seats For Children proudly meet the standard.

Where Can You Buy the Best Car Seats For Children?

In this list, you can find some of the most recognized online stores. All of them will allow you to take a look at the most requested offers for baby carriages. Enjoy the benefits that international competition offers. You can buy your car seat at the best price.

Amazon Car Seats

A complete platform because it not only allows convenient comparisons between different companies in the market but also because it offers a wide variety of designs. From time to time, their offers allow you to acquire a top-brand one for a low-mid-range price.

Car seats at Lidl

Most of their cars are low-end. And there is not much variety of makes and models either. It is difficult to find high-end cars and models that have various types of cars. Most of their products are small.

El Corte Inglés car seats

In this store, you can find many models of low-end cars and some mid-range and high-end. However, quantities are limited, making it more difficult to take advantage of the offers.

Car seats in Alcampo

In this platform, the number of cars is really very limited, so there is not a great variety of makes or models. This is, perhaps, the least suitable platform to buy this type of product. Also, most are low-end.

Car seats at Carrefour

Currently, this platform offers very few car models. They specialize more in the sale of accessories. The few models for sale are low-end.

Tips For Choosing the Best Car Seats For Children

To know which car seat you should buy, you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:

  • Adaptability to the car: Check that the chair model adapts to our car. It is important to read the manufacturers instructions well.
  • Adaptability to the child: Choose the chair according to the age of the child.

There are three:

  1. Group 0 + for babies up to approximately 15 months.
  2. Group 1: for children between 9-18 kilos
  3. Group 2/3: chairs aimed at between four and twelve years of age
  • Installation system: the Isofix System is the safest and recommended by the General Directorate of Traffic.
  • Belt: acquiring a chair with four anchor points on the belt makes a difference in terms of safety during travel, especially in robust children and babies.
  • Backrest – High back risers protect both the child’s head and shoulders.
  • Prefer i-Size models: they offer greater protection of the head and neck area, have greater safety in side impacts, and are also much easier to place in your car.

How Much Money Should I Spend on My Infant Car Seat?

In this case, I recommend that you take into account the purchase of a medium or high-end product since safety is the first factor at stake. The chairs with the best finishes are ideal to avoid accidents, the padding and the proper fit – which does not loosen – keep your child out of danger. However, there are options with a good price/quality ratio that is mostly accessible.

Cheaper car seats (less than € 150) – Buying a seat from this range, if you make a good purchase, means taking advantage of the great advantages of the current market. It is essential, then, that before doing so you invest a little of your time in discovering the best brands and the most optimal systems.

Better quality car seats (plus € 150) – These seats are usually certified by the best international insurers. Safety, in most cases, is not only a guarantee but a commitment to the life and comfort of your little one.

Advantages of Using the Best Car Seats For Children

The chair is essential for the mobility of families with young children, generally up to eleven. They can be used to take the baby to your social events, to go shopping, to festivals, or during the holidays. In addition, it provides the necessary comfort so that you fall asleep in a few minutes. You will love having one of them at home!

What are the benefits of using a reliable car seat? Its advantages are:

  • You can go for a walk with your baby or child, even when it is smaller.
  • A safe option, which guarantees the protection of your baby.
  • Babies sleep very comfortably in chairs. They even prefer them to their cribs.
  • They allow you to travel, to take your little one through the countryside and the city.

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