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By K. M.
October 19, 2020
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My little girl was born and one of my main concerns was being able to carry her in the car in a secure car seat. My first purchase was rushed and really a waste of money, two hundred dollars thrown in the garbage because the equipment’s finishes were poorly designed and it did not fit securely to the car seat belts.

Discouraged, I had to search for stores and blogs to find the Best Chicco Car Seats. I could not help noticing the fact that there is confusing and incorrect information on the internet that is why, in solidarity with other mothers, I write my personal car seat buying guide so that the mistake in which I feel the first does not continue time. I hope my tips serve as a guide, good luck!

Top 3 Best Chicco Car Seats


Chicco Oasys
Chicco Oasys
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Chicco Gro-Up
Chicco Gro-Up
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Chicco Seat Up 012
Chicco Seat Up 012
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1 Chicco Oasys – Best Chicco Car Seats

We present in stone gray a car seat that is characterized by being in groups 2 and 3, that is, it can be used between 4 and 12 years of age.

It supposes the evolution in security. The rigid FixPlus connectors allow it to be installed easily and safely, giving it greater stability.

The Safe Pad system reduces the pressure exerted on the child’s neck by up to 30% in the event of a frontal impact. It is adjustable in height and width according to the growth of the child.

The height of the backrest is regulated in 10 positions and the width adapts according to the child’s growth. The backrest and seat can be reclined in four positions.

“A safe chair with the best finishes I have ever seen. I like how it fixes on the car because it is very firm and the truth is that it is a relief to know that it will last throughout my little one’s childhood.”

2 Chicco Gro-Up

We present a chair that is versatile because it can be used from 9 months to 12 years of age. Provides security and comfort on all your trips for 10 years.

It has been homologated according to the European regulation ECE R44 / 04. The one-piece structure provides protection, while the soft padding ensures maximum comfort.

With just one movement, the headrest is adjusted and the chair can be reclined to ensure a pleasant ride for your little one. It includes a breathable, padded, 3D mesh reducer that gently hugs the little one.

It’s easy to install and includes intuitive orange guides that are clearly visible and accessible. The chair cover can be removed and washed at 30 °.

“For me it is essential that the chairs are approved, they have very good finishes, the fabric material is very comfortable so more than once my daughter tends to take a good nap and that is exactly what I need.”

3 Chicco Seat Up 012

Chicco Seat Up 012, is a car seat that includes from group zero to two, in the period of time that goes from birth to 6 years.

It has been homologated according to the European regulation ECE R44 / 04.

It is easy to install, each command is well marked and easily accessible.

Provides the combined use of seat belts and rigid FixPlus connectors, ensuring a stable and solid installation.

“With my other son, I discovered what the fix plus connector system is and I will not change again. This chair is well padded, the fabrics of good quality, and the sides fit well.”

4 Chicco YOUniverse Fix

This chair will accompany the child in their growth from the age of 1 to approximately 12 years, that is why we say that its use and practicality are distinguished.

Their Isofix connectors facilitate installation, and their Side Safety System protects them in the event of a side impact.

Includes Side Safety System that offers maximum protection in the event of a side impact.

It comes with a guide that ensures the best position of the 3-point belt. It also has a very comfortable and nice padded reducer. The seat is reclining in 3 positions.

“It is easy to mount in the car and since I am forced to remove it and relocate it because I have only one car for the house and work, this is essential for me. It is comfortable (my daughter at least says it is), it holds well to the car belts. “

5 Chicco YOUniverse

We present a chair that is versatile because it can be used from 9 months to 12 years of age. Provides security and comfort on all your trips for 10 years.

The chair is homologated according to European regulations. It is easy to install with the car seat belts

Includes a comfortable padded reducer. The car seat is installed with the vehicle’s 3-point belt following the red indicators on the belt.

The headrest and harness are simultaneously adjusted in height with a single gesture during your different trips.

” I think that one of the greatest advantages of the chair is not only its comfort, which will depend on the child’s needs but that it is very safe and with it my peace of mind when riding in the car with the little one is much greater. it has two positions for the neck. “

Why choose a Chicco car seat?

With distinguished availability in all stores, both online and in the neighborhood, and in shopping malls; Chicco cars are a must-have for sellers. This store has its origin in the Italian peninsula, from where it manufactures hundreds of accessories and equipment to facilitate the growth of your baby from its first years until it is a child who attends school.

Founded in 1958, it always offers answers and international prestige has led it to be considered number one among car manufacturers. Its products are a guarantee of trust, which is why thousands of families prefer the elegance and care that Chicco provides to your child and your family.

Where can you buy a Chicco car seat?

When choosing the place of your purchase many variables are at stake. The price at the time of purchasing your product, as well as the way to receive it, the type of payment, and the shipping will be related to the platform or the store you go to. We bet on the web market, below is a list of the best platforms where you can buy your favorite stroller.

Best Chicco Car Seats from Amazon

This platform has a much greater variety than the other web platforms. Hence, its increasingly indisputable popularity. You can take advantage of the offers to get high-end products as if they were mid-range.

Best Chicco Car Seats from Lidl

Most of their car seats are low-end. And there is not much variety of makes and models either. It is difficult to find high-end chairs and models that have several types. Most of their little ones.

Best Chicco Car Seats by Carrefour

In this store, you can find many models of low-end car seats and some mid-range and high-end. However, quantities are limited, making it more difficult to take advantage of the offers. Certain brands are not in their catalog.

Best Chicco Car Seats Chicco de Alcampo

In this platform, the number of car seats is really very limited, so there is not a great variety of brands or models. This is, perhaps, the least suitable platform to buy this type of product . Also, most are low-end.

Best Chicco Car Seats from El Corte Ingles

Currently, this platform offers very few models of car seats. They specialize more in the sale of accessories.

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