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By K. M.
October 19, 2020
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We want the best for our baby, but we don’t know what is best for him. This is how I came to make terrible decisions when buying my first Best Recaro Car Seats . It was difficult to handle and its finishes made it difficult to install in the vehicle. I ended up giving it away and getting a new one.

Between back and forth I was eight hundred dollars. A shame. It was then that I decided to start with my online shopping guide. Better than those guides that I saw on the internet and they led me to make a bad decision. I hope that among my tips you will find the model you are looking for.

Top 3 Best Recaro Car Seats


Recaro Microfiber Saphir Best Recaro Car Seats
Recaro Microfiber Saphir
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Recaro Microfiber Graphite
Recaro Microfiber Graphite
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Recaro Monza Nova 2
Recaro Monza Nova 2
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1 Recaro Microfiber Saphir – Best Recaro Car Seats

We present this chair for groups 1 to 3 that can be used between 9 months of age and 12 years.

It is very easy to install, it has an integrated 5-point harness that can be adjusted 3 times. It is suitable for older children in such a way that they wear a belt.

Its design includes complete protection against side impacts, the cushion is removable, in addition. harness cover has padding. A comprehensive instruction manual is included, and the seat covers are removable and machine washable.

If you want to make a good purchase, do not forget to take a look at the price and discounts offered by the Amazon market.

“The micro-fiber fabric is top-notch, it doesn’t stain as much as other models that I had to be every two by three-putting in the washing machine, it is very versatile, it can adapt to all the moods of my girl and it accompanies us both on short trips and on long trips. “

2 Recaro Microfiber Graphite

The RECARO Milano provides children from 3 to 12 years of age with a comfortable and safe ride thanks to its 3-position adjustable backrest.

In addition, it has a distinctive feature, its fabric has been designed with a breathable microfiber system that ventilates the equipment and provides greater comfort to the child.

For greater safety, it offers ample protection on the sides and head area, it also has an aluminum reinforcement on the back.

The headrest is height adjustable for an optimal adjustment to the size of the child and the reclining position is very easy to position. If you want to make a good purchase, do not forget to take a look at the price and discounts offered by the Amazon market.

“The material is very good, for hot areas, it is ideal because otherwise my son ends up sticking everything and that makes him annoying. It is easy to clean, the padding is very good, the truth is that we have been very satisfied.”

3 Recaro Monza Nova 2

This chair offers the possibility of safe travel, combining state-of-the-art safety technology with equipment designed to offer unmatched comfort.

In this sense, it has antistatic side pads, an additional foam padding, and firm armrests.

In addition, the fabric provides optimal air circulation. Another distinctive feature is that it includes built-in speakers so that the little one can hear soothing and calming music.

It is group 2 and 3, so it can be used approximately between 4 and 12 years of age. If you want to make a good purchase, do not forget to take a look at the price and discounts offered by the Amazon market.

“I like to make original purchases, the speaker system was the first thing that caught my attention about this chair. Still, the padding is also very good, the child sleeps for hours. I recommend it.”

4 Recaro Saphir

The Recaro Optiafix chair is for use by children from 9 months to 5 years, so we say that it belongs to group 1.

It is a modern and very comfortable model that can be used for long trips without problems. It comes with different designs for elegant which best suits your tastes.

It is installed in the car through a system with an integrated ISOFIX connection. Through some indicators, you will be able to perceive that the equipment is installed correctly. It guarantees the safety of the trip by means of advanced lateral protection systems that absorb energy.

It can be fully reclined and machine washable. If you want to make a good purchase, do not forget to take a look at the price and discounts offered by the Amazon market.

“It is very resistant, you can see that a first-class design is an investment that is made once, and then you only enjoy the benefits. I chose a very colorful and original model, the folds well and it holds the car properly.”

5 Recaro Monza Nova Evo

In a carbon black color comparable to that of the dark, this car seat accompanies children from 15 kg to 36 kg. We then say that it is a chair that belongs to group 3.

The clean design will seduce parents as well as children.

It has a complete security system with integrated Seatfix connectors. It is very practical because it can be installed with the seat belt anchorage and also simple, the adjustments are made intuitively.

The headrest is adjustable in various positions and the fabric breathable. If you want to make a good purchase, do not forget to take a look at the price and discounts offered by the Amazon market.

“Very good, the finishes are of the best quality that I have known in the market and the fabric is really absorbent so the child has a good time on trips. A highly recommended option”

Why choose a Recaro car seat?

Today, the best advances in technology are supported by this company that for years and from Spain have started with the manufacture of instruments and equipment in the area of ​​childcare. All the security that a professional can provide focused on the comfort and transport capacity of the family.

Their cars are simple but include in their characteristics all the comforts that as parents we need to take into account when purchasing a product for our child. It is important that we look at the three axes that affect your quality of life: comfort, safety, and design. three legs of the same table that are held in perfect balance thanks to these modern, simple, and effective designs for urban life.

Where can you buy a Recaro car seat?

When choosing the place of your purchase many variables are at stake. The price at the time of purchasing your product, as well as the way to receive it, the type of payment, and the shipping will be related to the platform or the store you go to. We bet on the web market, below is a list of the best platforms where you can buy your favorite stroller.

Amazon’s Best Recaro Car Seats

This platform has a much greater variety than the other web platforms. Hence, its increasingly indisputable popularity. You can take advantage of the offers to get high-end products as if they were mid-range.

Lidl Recaro Best Recaro Car Seats

Most of their car seats are low-end. And there is not much variety of makes and models either. It is difficult to find high-end chairs and models that have several types. Most of their little ones.

Carrefour Best Recaro Car Seats

In this store, you can find many models of low-end car seats and some mid-range and high-end. However, quantities are limited, making it more difficult to take advantage of the offers. Certain brands are not in their catalog.

De Alcampo Best Recaro Car Seats

In this platform, the number of car seats is really very limited, so there is not a great variety of brands or models. This is, perhaps, the least suitable platform to buy this type of product . Also, most are low-end.

El Corte Ingles Best Recaro Car Seats

Currently, this platform offers very few models of car seats. They specialize more in the sale of accessories.

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